Aviemore 2000

October 21-22 2000

[SinglePic not found]Once more, Labour weekend at Lake Aviemore showed why this regatta has earned the reputation of being the premier trailer yacht event in the South Island.

Well organised by the Timaru Yacht and Power Boat Club, the regatta attracted 87 entries this year including 10 Farr 6000s.

Saturdays fun race was held in “The Gorge”, the narrow neck of the lake near the boat harbour. Around 60 yachts started together, trying to beat to windward, avoid the mudbank that projects well across the neck, and avoid each other. Needless to say this led to a very vocal but entertaining afternoon sail.

Sunday dawned cool and cloudless with a light westerly drifting down the valley. The running start was marred slightly by the large number of larger yachts crowding the start area well before their divisional start.

In the light and fickle conditions it became a choice as to whether to take the chance of picking up the puffs along the shoreline or trying your luck towards the centre of the lake.

As it turned out, those yachts that picked the centre course gained an advantage, and Kostalot and Crackerjack established a lead on this leg that they retained throughout the race.

Meanwhile a battle for third place was emerging as Toss for Boss and Blue Movie having taken the shoreline began to move up through the fleet once the easterly seabreeze arrived right on cue at 12.45.

At the bottom mark Toss for Boss was a boatlength behind Farrstar with last years winner, Blue Movie a couple of boatlengths further back. During the short upwind leg to the mark Toss for Boss and Blue Movie both managed to overhaul Farrstar with all three yachts finishing within 15 seconds of each other. An exciting finish after nearly six hours of racing.

Congratulation to all who did well and many thanks to the Timaru club for organising this event

Divisional Results

A Division & Farr 6000 Class
1st Herrons Homestyle Trophy: Steve Garland – Christchurch – “KOSTALOTT”
2nd Darryl Pender – Christchurch – “CRACKERJACK”
3rd Michael Wooding – Christchurch- “TOSS FOR BOSS”

A Division

1st Handicap Alliance Textiles Swandri Trophy: Peter Bell – Oamaru – “PROSPECT”
2nd Barry O’Neill – Oamaru – “FARRSTAR”
3rd Geoff Swan – Ashburton – “KILEX”

Handicap Results

Never mind the greyhounds and glamour boats, the handicap results show a different story. The Farr 6000 and Noelex 22 fleets prove that there is a real concentration of skill and competitiveness amongst the smaller boat classes. Five Farr 6000s in the top 10 is an excellent perfomance by any standards in this very large fleet, with all ten Farr 6000s finishing in the top half of the fleet.

Place Name Yacht Club Class
1 Vince Williams Piracy CYMBC N22
2 Steve Garland Kostalott CYMBC F6000
3 Richard Hawkins Ten Speed OYC N22
4 Darryl Pender Crackerjack CYMBC F6000
5 Laurie Chandler Lyric TYPBC N22
6 Owen Churchman CoupDeGrace WYC N22
7 Bruce Anderson Wave’n’Go CYMBC N25
8 Mike Wooding Toss For Boss CYMBC F6000
9 Rob McGregor BlueMovie CYMBC F6000
10 Barry O’Neill Farrstar OYC F6000

Other Farr 6000 Placings

Place Name Yacht Club Class
20 Norm Sinclair Ceiling Zero OTYS F6000
22 Bruce McMillan Pepper TYPBC F6000
26 Geoff Swan Kilex TYPBC F6000
29 Murray Watson Ceol Mara OTYS F6000
30 Robert Todd Sceptre OTYS F6000


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