Lake Rotoiti Nelson Lakes National Park

Lake Rotoiti is a deep mountain lake of glacial origin. It is roughly heart shaped, about 8 km long and 3 km wide at its northern end. The lake is surrounded by steep mountains covered in beech forest.

Lake Benmore

Lake Benmore is the largest artificial lake in New Zealand. It offers a great variety of scenery, plentiful shelter and excellent cruising.

Lake Benmore Part 1 Introduction

Lake Benmore is undoubtedly one of the most attractive of the Southern Lakes with plenty of water, attractive scenery, low rainfall and challenges for the trailer yachtsman.

Lake Benmore Part 2 Ahuriri Arm & Gorge

This is the area of water seen by most travellers passing by road and is certainly not the most attractive portion of the lake.

Lake Benmore Part 3 Amphitheatre and Dam

After winding through the Gorge this area can be disturbing in that it is relatively easy for new chums without a chart to lose their bearings.

Lake Benmore Part 4 Waitaki Gorge & Arm

This is a spectacular part of the Lake with steep and craggy mountains and cliffs above the lake.

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park has long been the favourite cruising destination of Southern trailer yacht sailors

Summer Sailing at Manapouri

Have you ever thought of going to Lake Manapouri or Lake Te Anau for a look? It’s a beautiful part of the country with lots of hidden treasures

Keeping Food Fresh

How do you last for 2 weeks in the height of summer in a Farr 6 with no fridge? Well this could take up a whole book on it’s own but here’s a few tips that have made survival easier.