Constructing a Farr 6000 Trailer (box section type)

How to build a new trailer for your Farr 6000. A comprehensive fully illustrated article by Trevor Robinson with lots of good ideas for anyone considering replacing or upgrading the trailer for any Farr.

Tim’s Budget Water Catcher

Not as elaborate as Paul Wallaces’ design from an earlier article,  if you remember  Paul’s unit automatically dispensed the water out into the cockpit and was made from special material glued together. Here you need to use your trusty bucket to deal to the excess water from this modified vinegar bottle.

A Catch for the Anchor Well

For under $20, I purchased this hatch catch from Oborns Nautical in Christchurch and installed it in about an hour.

Winch Drum

Seeing how much wire is left on the drum can be difficult

Keel Wire Stem

Stengthen the Keel wire tube

Water Catcher for the Keel Wire Tube

Tired of mopping up water in the cabin?

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 8

Electrical system replacement and summary

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 7

VHF aerial, depth sounder, hull stripes and mast support

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 6

Mast & Boom Overhaul. Repair Mast Heel Fracture

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 5

Keel and keel box repair

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 4

Repairs to the transom and rudder

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 3

Repairs to rotten plywood Shelving / Bracing, port & starboard sides

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 2

Windscreen Removal & Refitting

An Overhaul of Farr Beyond – Part 1

Introduction and interior cabin lining

Farr 6000 Safety Advisory

Owners of Farr 6000s should be aware that there is a risk of significant injury from the lower retaining hooks for the outer hatch slide bungees

“Don’t Laugh David”

Over heard during a jovial exchange between two Farr 6000 owners, after withdrawing from a regular Saturday race in strong conditions “don’t laugh David yours will be next to break” ended up being a prophetic statement.

Baby on Board

When Mike and Lesley decided to go cruising with 15 month old Bronte they faced the dilemma of how to stop her falling out of the forward berth.

Mast Support Repair

This Farr 6000 had cracks developing from the corners of the slot at the top of the mast support.

Turn the Farr 6000 into a Caravan

Ask any Farr 6000 owner and they will tell you that one of the things that make the boat so special is the pop top.

Keel Lockdown

The keel lockdown rope is an important but often underutilised safety feature. A knockdown with the keel not locked down may result in the keel retracting with subsequent loss of righting moment.