Rebuilding the Trailer

At the end of the 2000/01 season I gave my Farr 6000 trailer a good honest going over and decided that it was overdue for a tidy up. The durotorques had little or no travel left and had bottomed out, the main frame had LOTS of rust and almost every roller had jammed up.

Forward Hatch

If your foredeck hatch looks a bit like this way then maybe its time to replace it.

Replacing the Sink

The sinks in most of the boats are starting to show there age, Sceptre’s was crazed around the bottom edge and the bottom was pushed up and didn’t drain properly.

Lagoon Legs

Off to Abel Tasman this summer? You’ll need a reliable set of boat legs to stop you toppling over if you’re planning to dry out in any of the many lagoons.

Centreboard Maintenance

Has Your Centerboard Got The Wobbles? Is your picnic at sea spoilt by the KALUNK! KALUNK! of the board trying to tear itself out? Eventually your centreboard will need to come out for maintenance or repair.

Farr 6000 Self Sustaining Winch Maintenance

I’m sure there are a few centreboard winches in F6000’s that are self sustaining. Most are being held by various methods (ropes, knees, elbows) which can be a real pain in the heat of the moment.

Lifting the Boat

Mike White sent us in this novel idea for lifting the yacht up off the trailer for maintenance of either yacht or trailer.

Replace the Rubbing Strake

You may recall an earlier message I sent to you regarding trying to source the rubber rubbing strake that is provided on Farr trailer sailers below the gunwale on both sides and the transom.