Around Waiheke Island, 60 nautical miles in 3 days!

After bringing the boat out of storage for winter, our first sail for the season was on Labour weekend. We left Half Moon bay around 12pm, sails up at the mouth of the estuary.

Hawkeye’s Cook Strait Crossing

All Farr owners have holidays vastly different to the norm (special, exciting and occasionally insane). I write to share our family trips which have left me buzzing for a month afterwards, although the other members of the family reckon that buzzing was not the emotion they felt (Not too sure what they mean’t by that ), but we all felt our first trip over the strait and on through D’Urville and on to Tasman Bay was wonderful.

Farr 5000s in the Abel Tasman

Several of our club members headed away for some sun, sailing, and R and R in the Abel Tasman National Park area.

Sailing Lake Te Anau

New Years day dawned bright and sunny. After retrieving our boat form Manapouri it was a short twenty-minute drive north to Te Anau. Te Anau is quite a large expanse of water being approx 65 kms long in the main lake and having 3 long fiords on the western side.

Summer Sailing at Manapouri

Have you ever thought of going to Lake Manapouri or Lake Te Anau for a look? It’s a beautiful part of the country with lots of hidden treasures

A Wet Start in Tasman Bay

The woman in the café said “I‘ve lived in Motueka all my life and I’ve never seen a summer like it’.

The rain started as we came down the valley through Tapawera. By the time we got to Motueka the downpour was almost solid water making it nearly impossible to see even with the wipers on full.

Four Sheilas launch Little Dragon

My ocean swimming friends Cathie Jones, Nicky Greenlaw and Lee Fenton were all keen to help me launch my recently purchased Farr 5000 Little Dragon at the Big River Sailing Club on the Clarence River in Northern NSW. The launch took place on the 12 April 2008.

Our First Farr 6000 Cruise

Whenever I get the urge to write about any mountaineering or sailing adventures I seem to always compare my exploits with those of others and the draft invariably finishes up in the rubbish bin but well here goes!!

Cruising Lake Benmore on Swashbuckler

This year the fact that Easter was early, and that we had the luxury of having both the Thursday &Tuesday off, made the annual pilgrimage to Lake Benmore much more memorable.

Post Card from the Gold Coast

Well, some of you over 50 may remember Dianne & I, although that could be debatable too, considering the brain cell depletion which occurred at many a good Farr get together. By Blair MacDonald

Cruising on the Gold Coast

Cruising on the Gold Coast in a Farr 7500 My Farr Lady by Bill Todd

Farr 5000 in Korea

Farr 5ooo Hotpepper was originally from Christchurch and called Farrima (rima meaning five), It is now residing in Korea.

A Trip to Manapouri

We hadn’t been to Milford Sound with the children before and I had always wanted to do a little cruising on Lake Manapouri.

Knocked Down in Pigeon Bay

Russell saw what appeared to be a wall of water shooting across the bay from east to west as we proceeded to the windward top mark again on a starboard tack.

Easter Cruise 2004 – Lake Benmore

As I sit writing this, with the drizzle that has been coming down all weekend, last weekend’s Easter cruise on Lake Benmore already seems a distant memory.