Farr 6000’s at the Masters Games 2004

Again the Masters Games was well supported by eligible members of the OTYS, with both crews and boats making up a large proportion of the trailer yacht fleets. The yachting at the Masters Games was held over the last 3 days of the games 6, 7 and 8th February with 2 races being held each day. Two trailer yacht classes were catered for with 9 Farr 6000 and 5 Nolex 25.

The state of the tides dictated that the Friday and Saturday races were run back to back in the afternoon and the Sunday races were started in the morning. The races being a mixture of triangular and upwind/downwind courses with a gate for the down wind mark to add a bit of interest.

The first race was a triangular course around the Upper Harbour and was a good shake down for all the crews. Moderate wind made for good racing and the first four boats home were very close. For the second race we moved to The Cove in the search for deeper water and a upwind/down wind course was set.

By this stage the wind was becoming lighter and had a number of holes in it which changed the fortunes of various boats during the race. A 25 crossing the first 3 boats (all on port) changed the game again with 15 metres to go. At the end of the first day Allan Southerland in Hot-C-Air was leading the fleet.

Day 2 again saw 2 races and some close racing in The Cove area. Changeable wind saw the fortunes of most boats change during the 2 races with many changes in position. At the end of the day though Hot-C-Air was again in the lead.

Sunday saw a significant increase in wind strength with racing taking place near the top end (and beyond for a short time) with the second race for the smaller boats being abandoned. The first race was a triangular course around the Upper Harbour. The wind strength was such that the decision was Reef or No Reef and the first beat showed there to be little in it. Most places changed when boats got into trouble with spinnakers especially on the reaching leg.

Just before the start of the last race the wind got up a bit more and all the boats were reefed with 10 minutes to go. Then in the last 90 seconds the whole fleet was hit by a 35 to 40 Knot quall resulting in one boat ripping its main sail. The rest of the fleet got away though and within 5 minutes the wind had dropped and the sun came out and most boats were busy getting rid of their reefs.

The final results saw Hot-C–Air overall winner again and another club boat Ceol Mara (Jeff Mercer) taking 3rd. A good size fleet of Farr’s resulted in some good close racing with little between the boats in speed and a good time was had by all.

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