Farr 6000 Champs 2008

The Championships were held on Lyttelton Harbour, in conjunction with the 2008 New Zealand Trailer Yacht Championship. The format was 3 days of 3 back-to-back races each day, with 4 separate starts for; Farr 6000s, Div3 and 2, Div 1 and finally the Ross 780s. The regatta included 5 Farr 6000s, 12 Ross 780s and 8 others (mostly N22s and Elliots), giving a total of 25 boats.

[SinglePic not found]Day 1:  Was notable for a 25 knot Southerly, gusting to 40 knots, which lead to an action packed day with many great rides
Everyone had a turn at getting knocked over with at least one crew losing control on a flat run and dipping the mast (yours truly, thank goodness the centreboard was only half way up and cleated!). After 3 eventful races everyone was knackered and relieved that none of the F6s had suffered damage, although other classes didn’t fare so well, with torn sails, a broken Ross 780 boom and a capsized Sigrid.

Day 2:  Dawned with a freshening Easterly so the tired bodies had to step up to meet the challenges of another busy day.

Day 3:  With the promise of a much lighter easterly we left our warm clothes in our bags and headed out to the start area, where we waited until after noon for the wind.  After 2 races in a slowly building easterly sea breeze, the 3rd and last race, was one of those where the wind dies half way through then suddenly a  gusty NW has you alternately hanging on for dear life or sitting in a mill pond.  You know how it goes, everyone but you carries their kite in both directions while you are on the wrong side of the change and practice beating to windward.

The regatta benefited from well run starts and well set courses, which minimized interference between the classes and tantalizing pin end bias on the start line, giving an advantage to those brave enough to sail across the fleet on port tack.

n 5 of the 9 Farr 6000 races, 2 of the boats finished within 20 seconds of each other, with Izzy? and Toss For Boss finishing on equal points, with Izzy? winning on count back
The full results will be posted on the association’s website but in summary the places went to:

1st Izzy?    
2nd Toss For Boss    
3rd Kostalot

1st Toss for Boss
2nd Kilex        
3rd Kostalot

Our thanks to Naval Point Club Lyttelton for being great hosts on and off the water, and to g great hosts on and off the water, and to:

  • Donaghys Southern Ocean Braids
  • Doyle Sailmakers
  • Castle Hill Furniture
  • Oborn’s  Nautical Supplies
  • Vero Insurance
  • Crombie Lockwood
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