Farr Fun Day Lyttelton – March 2006

Gale winds and huge swells may have caused the postponement of the scheduled Farr Fun Day however the following Sunday saw a mixed fleet of 12 Farrs out on the harbour in conditions that were quite the opposite.

The day started sunny and warm with a flat calm drifter as in our photo above shows.

Officer of the day Mike and accompanying mermaid Lesley set the scene by swimming off the committee boat while the rest of us had an outboard race around the Eastern Light.

A raftup in the middle of the harbour broke up rapidly once the wind line was observed coming up the harbour and the real race was soon underway.

As they say size does matter and Farr 740 LeVante II showed us the way to the finish. The Farr 5000s were able to give a good account of themselves however finishing 3rd and 4th. Kingfisher being sailed solo.

Our race finished in Church Bay with all boats joined up again for a raftup lunch and a few drinks.

Another perfect autumn day in Christchurch and a feeling of lets do this again soon.

Line honours
Le Vante II A. Watson (F740sp)

On NZTYA ratings
!st Izzy P. Wallis (F6000)
2nd Uplift H Monteath (F6000)
3rd Kingfisher M. Innes (F5000)
4th Farrima N. Grant (F5000)

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