Farr Fun Day, March 2005

The Farr Fun Race was held in murky conditions on Lyttelton Harbour. [SinglePic not found]Something Nautical was the theme for the day,  with most of the 7 Farrs & crews dressing up for the occasion – pirate hats, eye patches, flags,  water bombs & water pistols were the order of the day. The race goers had a lot of fun although in trying conditions.

Toss for Boss sailed by Blackbeard suffered a split in her main during one of the wind gusts.  With able crew Bellyring, they managed to reef & carry on to a commendable second place.

Treasures were found along the way, with several tricky sailing manoeuvers testing crews & nerves. A raft up in Church Bay, out of the slop of the Harbour provided good shelter for lunch & prize giving.

On the way home we paid a visit to the Navy in the inner harbour .

1.   Izzy – Paul Wallis & Crew
2.   TossforBoss – Black Beard, Belly Ring & Crew
3.   Athena – Kevin Burnett & Crew

Nick Grant

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