Farr Fun Day – Picnic – Lake Hood

by Derek Johns F6 Windfall

Having been down to Lake Hood and overnighted there a couple of times before Tina and I decided to leave Amberley early and have a little sailing practise on Windfall F6 on Friday afternoon.

[SinglePic not found]As usual we were late and didn’t get there till 4pm but found Geoff must have had the same idea and was there rigging Kilex F6 when we arrived. We both headed out onto the Lake and with a pleasant breeze had a very delightful sail. Geoff kept a watchful eye on us and gave us several tips on our sails etc and to my complete astonishment Windfall suddenly drew ahead of Kilex, thank you very much indeed Geoff but I still don’t think I’m really into racing.

Tied up in the Basin with its boardwalk all around and The Lakehouse, restaurant, café and bar on the other side from us, Geoff left Kilex there for the night and Tina and I settled down for a quiet uneventful night. Surprisingly enough although the Lakehouse was full of people we hardly heard them and because we were down below the boardwalk we didn’t even hear many of the vehicles going away – even though they passed within 10 metres of where we were moored.

Once again the Lakehouse left the toilet block open overnight for our use, bit flasher than the Porta Potti on board  and much appreciated by us on Friday night and the others as well on Saturday night.

We were still eating our breakfast next morning when Tony & Lynne Sullivan from Christchurch arrived, rigged Mellow Yellow F5 and came round to the Basin and proceeded to cook their breakfast, they had left at 6:30 so they would be on time!!!!!

Geoff rolled up with the barbeque, deck chairs etc and Mike and Jane Rogers from Christchurch with F6 Pathfinder arrived and then in came a campervan with a Farr 5000 in tow; it was Charlie and Lorraine Orton with their F5 Tobermorey. Our daughter, husband and 2 boys arrived to enjoy the day with us.

It was great too, that a number of members joined us without boats for a time; Michael and Carole Fursdon (F6), Peter Kennett and Nancy F 5-Whanau, David Corbett F 5-Kotuku, Linda Lilburne (F6 Extravagance, recent purchase).

A barbeque lunch was well cooked by Geoff and helpers. Then a canal cruise to have a look at the lovely homes built and in the process of building. Must admit we got quite a few surprised looks, don’t think they had seen so many trailer yachts there together.

That done it was time to get out and do some sailing, the wind had risen a bit and there were a few gusts. Geoff had laid out a course and with a bit of organising we started out, strangely enough Windfall drew ahead and even though we did many totally undeserved penalty turns we were still well ahead after the first lap and were only beaten on the 2nd by Geoff playing chicken with us to cheat us of a complete win. There was quite a lot of mutterings about weed around keels and us having more ballast aboard but we had used those excuses last year!!!!!

We all had a great afternoons sailing and eventually came back to the basin for a drink or two and more social time; we should do more of this, perhaps other places as well.

The Sullivan’s stayed and had a meal. The Rogers, Orton’s and Johns all overnighted and had a rather blustery Nor’ Wester to keep them all awake. After a leisurely breakfast we thought about another sail but windgot up again so we all trailered our boats and had a lovely lunch in the restaurant then away home.

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