Farr Fun Race Lyttelton

On Sat 6th March the Lyttelton Farr fleet took to the water for the annual Farr Fun race in perfect conditions. After launching the fleet we first rafted up to the NPCL floater for a briefing. The skippers were issued with an envelope and instruction “not to open” until after setting sail. Inside the envelope was a series of cryptic clues that needed to be solved in order to determine the course.

Kevin Burnett offered his yacht Athena as start boat and with Kevin at the helm and my family as his crew we got the event underway. We ran the start near the eastern light and then set about chasing the fleet, which by now had a healthy lead on us.

The clues lead the yachts around the harbour on a “tiki tour” whilst each crew had to answer questions about different features as they sailed passed. The boats crossed the harbour several times and as they passed each other some took great delight in throwing what ever they didn’t need onboard anymore (plus the odd lolly or snack bar) into the other competitors boats. Lots of Yelps and squeals of delight from the kids were heard, as water became the common weapon. (note: I must remember to take that big water pistol next time)

During the long unwind leg three blasts on a fog-horn signalled the start of the “Undie” 500 outboard motor race. Skippers had to start motors then go as fast as they could to the next mark. Well done to John and Susanne Beveridge of Prime Time who took the checkered flag. After the outboard race the sailing resumed and the final mark and question lead us to Church Bay, a fabulous spot to anchor or even spend a night. When the fleet had all finished we made our way to the south-eastern corner and rafted up for a bit of socialising. Athena took first place in the Farr Fun Race being fastest Farr around/most questions right, well done Kevin! John and Suzanne of “Prime Time” were presented with a matching pair of “his n hers” undies which had been embroidered with our very own Farr Trailer Yachts Logo.

The fun day on the water has become a popular event. All we have to do now is come up with another idea for next years Farr Fun Race.

Mike Wooding Fun Race Organiser

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