NZ Nationals 2004

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Tony Leicester (Temptress T2356) rang me in early May 03 all excited and said “Barry we must apply to the Farr Trailer Yacht Ass to host the Farr 6000 NZ Championships in Napier this coming season. Applications close on 12th May”. Tony rang on the 9th. I said “OK lets go for it” little knowing what I had let myself in for. At first it seemed relatively easy, not much to do. But things were to change. I spoke to officials of the Napier Sailing Club (NSC) and they said “no problems but could we combine our championships with the Phase 2 Nations”. We had our first meeting of the local Farr group in late July 2003 and a meeting each month through to December. Our Notice of Race (NoR), Sailing Instructions (SI) and entry forms were based on Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) format from their web site. We worked very closely with the Phase 2 co-ordinator (Caroline Goodwin) to ensure that dates, times, starting procedures etc were the same or very similar. This was very important as we were using the same Principal Racing Officer (Roger Gourley) and starting 5 minutes after the Phase 2 starts. While the Farr 6000 NoR and SI did not need to be sanctioned by YNZ the Phase 2 NoR and SI did. We therefore aligned our NoR and SI with the Phase 2 instructions. This ensured the regatta ran very smoothly and without problems.

Friday, 16th January 2004 Registration, Sail Measurements and Boat Inspections

Owners and boats started to arrive at 4pm and registered with Chris Kenah. Sails of ‘out of town’ yachts were measured by Bob Witham, the NSC official measurer. The local boat owners had had their sails measured the previous week. There were few problems with the measurements, with most sails being undersize. A couple of spinnakers, folded half height, were over maximum size but this was put down to stretching. Dave Morrison then carried out boat inspections, which he says all boats complied with the FTYANZ Farr 6000 class rules and with the safety equipment requirements of YNZ. We all then had a drink, food and a friendly get together.

Saturday, 17th January 2004 Welcome, Briefing and Sailing Races 1, 2 and 3 and BBQ

[SinglePic not found]It was an early start for all. Down to the NSC by 8am, rigged boats and in the water before the briefing at 9.30am. After the briefing it was a 3½km motor / sail out to the course off the beacon lights. The day started out fine with light NE winds and one metre swells. The Phase 2 fleet were sailing a triangle-windward-leeward course and the Farr 6000 yachts a windward-leeward course. The Farr 6000 top mark was set some 50 metres inside the Phase 2 top mark with a distance of about 650 metres from bottom to top mark. The start line was set below the bottom mark with the finish line set close to the top mark.

Race 1 was delayed (scheduled start was 11.05am) until 1130am when the winds started to fill in. The Phase 2 yachts started 5 minutes ahead of the Farr 6000 yachts, which was a good pointer to our top mark. Mintaka (T96) from Gisborne lead for most of this race but was passed by Mariska (T2857) from Napier on the last windward beat to finish 1st followed by Mintaka 2nd and Aorere (T2359) from Napier 3rd. This was the only race that Mintaka was beaten for 1st place.

A rescue boat delivered lunch, to those that had placed orders, and all yachts, control and rescue boats moved back to the start line for the 2nd race.

Race 2 started in fresher NE winds with a choppy sea. Mintaka and Aorere were contesting the lead for most of this race with Mintaka edging out Aorere for 1st place with Mariska coming in 3rd.

Race 3 was delayed due to the start/committee boat anchor problems. The start boat had lost its main anchor and was trying to hold position with its smaller backup anchor. This anchor proved ineffective with the start boat drifting inshore. A second anchor was used from one of the rescue boats and after about an hour’s delay, race 3 got under way. There must have still been problems as the start line was biased in favour of the pin end. This was only picked up by the top two boats who started on port at the pin end and got a huge advantage on the rest of the fleet. The rest of the fleet must have been asleep not to have picked up this biased line. Mintaka was again 1st followed by Aorere and some 10 minutes later Mariska in 3rd place. During this race Charisma (T260) from Napier rapped their spinnaker around the forestay and lost several places to finish 6th. At the time of this incident they were in 3rd place. Sapphire IV (T853) from Napier broke a forestay and had to withdraw only 300 metres from the finish. Luckily, the mast remained upright, held by the jib halyard and also the spinnaker halyard that skipper Bob Millman had secured to the bow. The broken turn buckle screw was replaced after racing. We were all back onshore about 5.30pm, a very long day on the water.

We all enjoyed the evening BBQ and relived the day’s events over a cool ale and fine food.

Sunday, 18th January 2004 Sailing Races 4, 5 and 6 and Buffet Dinner

[SinglePic not found]The day started out fine with high overhead cloud and a strong NE wind. The temperature was in the mid 20s and the sea swells had grown to about 2 metres. It was again an early start with the first race of the day scheduled for 10.05am.

Race 4 was delayed by about 20 minutes to allow the Phase 2 boats to sail out to the race area. This race followed the same pattern of the previous races with the top four boats out in front. The four Taupo yachts were finding the sea conditions very difficult and not to their liking. Very different conditions to what they experience on Lake Taupo. This race was completed in about 50 minutes with Mintaka, Aorere, Mariska and Temptress (T2356) of Napier filling the first 4 places. We all headed back inshore for the start of the next race.

Race 5 started just before midday in the same sea conditions but a slightly stronger NE wind. White caps were starting to appear which would indicate a wind strength of at least 13 knots. Apart from the top two yachts the rest of the fleet had very close and exciting racing. It was a case of looking to starboard then to port to see most of the fleet just behind you and desperately trying to hold your position. Mintaka and Aorere were again 1st and 2nd respectively with the fast improving Goin Farr (T2608) from Napier in 3rd place. For the fifth race in a row Temptress was 4th. Very consistent sailing by the Temptress crew. Another yacht to show big improvement over these first five races was Golly Gosh (T2426) of Napier, helmed by Brian Saunders. Brian is a new comer to sailing and has only had one club race before this regatta. We had a late lunch while returning back to the start line.

Race 6 started about 2pm with the conditions the same as for race 5. The Taupo boats were still having trouble handling the sea conditions although Brass Farthing, helmed by Mike Keys, was showing improvement and finished 6th just ahead of fellow Taupo boat Kotuku. Temptress broke his run of fourth placings by finishing third behind Mintaka and Aorere. It was then a quick 3½km down wind sail back to the NSC to clean up and partake in a well deserved cool ale.

Many of the sailors and families arrived at the Quayside Restaurant, at the entrance to the NSC, at 6.30pm for a buffet meal. This was an opportunity to relax and enjoy the delicious food and great company. After our meal Paul Brown handed out spot prizes.
Monday, 18th January 2004 Sailing Race 7 and Prize Giving
Monday’s weather was very different to the previous two days with a very strong NW wind, a small swell, choppy sea and overcast conditions. The two top boats, Mintaka and Aorere, did not sail as they had secured 1st and 2nd places respectively. Peter Millar and Colin Shanks from Mintaka crewed for Geoff Beale, owner Cream Cracker, as Geoffs crew of the previous two days had to work.

Race 7 got under way about 10.20am with two boats, Dream Catcher and Mariska reefed. Mariska led around the first two marks and was still leading half way up to the top mark for the second time when the NW wind dropped in strength. In shaking out the reef Mariska lost a couple of places but was still 3rd around the top mark for the second time. The two spinnaker runs were exhilarating. Some found it prudent not to fly their spinnaker but poled out the jib instead. Cream Cracker, with the Gisborne crew, made steady progress through the fleet and crossed the finish line first but due to crew changes were given a DNF. The much improved Taupo yacht Kotuku crossed the line in 1st place to move up two places for a final 5th place. Mariska was 2nd and Lady Stardust, Paul Brown, finished in 3rd place, their best performance of the series. These sea conditions suited the Taupo boats far better than the big swells of the previous two days.

A quick run back to the NSC, de-rig the boats and pack everything away and into the club house for lunch and prize giving.

After the Commodore had congratulated all sailor for performing very well in difficult sailing conditions it was on to handing out the prizes.

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Peter Millar had five 1st places, and one 2nd place. Peter did not sail Mintaka in the last race.

The Farr Trailer Yacht Clothing was won by:

Polo Shirts to Rob Elvidge (Dream Catcher) and Allan McClintock (Temptress)

The Polo Fleece Vest to Craig Daly (Charisma)

The two Doyle Sailmakers (Nelson) sail vouchers ($300 each) were won by:

Les Kenah (Mariska) and Bob Milman (Sapphire IV)

This Championship event ran extremely smoothly and without problems. The feedback from the sailors has been very positive. Many thanks to the local Napier Farr 6000 people for their help in make this event such a success. Many thanks also to the Napier Sailing Club for running this event and use of their facilities.

Barry Kenah
Event Organiser

Championship Results
1st Mintaka T96 Peter Millar Gisborne 7 points
2nd Aorere T2359 Graeme Bates Napier 13 points
3rd Mariska T2857 Les Kenah Napier 16 points
4th Temptress T2356 Allan McClintock Napier 23 points
5th Kotuku T2469 Graeme Robinson Taupo 34 points
6th Goin Farr T2608 Phil Kay Napier 36 points
7th Sapphire IV T853 Bob Millman Napier 38 points
8th Brass Farthing T1194 Mike Keys Taupo 42 points
9th Charisma T260 Tony Hill Napier 45 points
10th Lady Stardust T857 Paul Brown Napier 54 points
11th Golly Gosh T2426 Brian Saunders Napier 57 points
12th Nimrod T688 Bruce Broardman Taupo 70 points
13th Dream Catcher T2846 John Gifford Napier 72 points
14th Farrnatics T3603 Peter Nankivelle Taupo 72 points
15th Cream Cracker T743 Geoff Beale Napier 81 points
Handicap results
1st Golly Gosh T2426 Brian Saunders Napier 18 points
2nd Kotuku T2469 Graeme Robinson Taupo 26 points
3rd Goin Farr T2608 Phil Kay Napier 26 points

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